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Toyota partners with Yahoo! Fantasy Football to give players a place where the best can become legendary. Every year, 5 people are publicly voted into the Hall. The induction process is done in 3 phases: the nomination, the voting, and the reveal.


While at Saatchi, I had the chance to redesign the website. The banner ads and pre-roll always had a very fun and entertaining feel, so we wanted to make sure the site reflected that.

With a tight timeline, I wanted to make sure the layout had a simple grid that could easily work responsive. I also wanted to add more emphasis on the Hall of Famers in hopes that the increased prominence on the site would entice more submissions. 

While trying to keep the overall layout simple, I still wanted to add some character and style to each of the individual elements. For navigation we wanted to focus the user on a main CTA for each phase, so I centered that in the nav and used a hamburger nav for the overall site content.

The history section was where we had the ability to play around with the layouts and animation. We wanted to give users a variety of fantasy football history, football stats, videos, as well as highlight the Hall of Famers.


The previous site did not give the Hall of Famers the prominence we felt they needed. A really cool asset we had for all HOFers was a digital bronze bust. That was similar to something you'd see in an actual Hall of Fame, so I wanted to make sure those were implemented throughout the site.

I designed with responsive in mind so all the elements would stack easily and content would be easily digestible regardless of screen size.


These are some of the early design explorations that didn't make the cut.

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