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At Nexgrill, grilling is still the hotdogs and hamburgers we all love, but it’s also so much more. It’s Thai chili-rubbed yellowtail. It’s honey chipotle marinated duck. It’s freedom to step beyond your backyard and explore something bigger. Something different.

With flavor-making features like infrared heat plates, searing side burners, multiple heat zones, duel energy capabilities, and customizable grid configurations, you can grill everything from the simple to the sensational on your Nexgrill.


Working with the incredibly talented team at Magnetic, we worked on the redesign of Magnetic had already created the new brand assests (colors, red stripe, asymmetical grid, textures, etc...), so the team took those and worked on creating pages to highlight the product as well as highlight the brand.

I helped out with wireframes, concept design, production design and interface animations. All the work shown on this page is the initial concept work I did. From these concepts we frankensteined the ideas from additional concepts, and created the pages that are live on the site.

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Magnetic Creative

Creative Director: David Carillo
Photography: David Carillo
Designer: Kyle Troutman

I created wireframes to help us with what content would be displayed on each page. I didn't want them to be too high-fidelity to dictate too much of the design, but I also didn't want them to be too low-fidelity to where there would still need to be a lot of work done in the design phase. I think I found a nice middle ground that was very helpful with a tight deadline.

I really wanted to keep the homepage clean and simple, but still highlight the product and the brand assets.

We wanted to keep the navigation simple, so we decided to display products and explore, as well as put everything in a mega menu. I put together a sample animation to help show the developers how I intended the interactions to work.


The animation was made after a couple of rounds of revisions to help with the developer. The jpg below that was the initial concept I created.

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