App design and website concept for Disney’s famous ride


Haunted Mansion is a Disney attraction that first opened in 1969. Although the ride is at multiple Disney parks, we focused on the one at Disneyland.


A subscripton based storyline in which the 999 people who were lucky enough to sign up were sent a box of interactive elements once a month for 3 months. The subscribers would receive a box of "haunted" objects in the mail, and then use the Phantom Radio app to interact with those objects. Over the 3 months a storyline would unfold where the users would help the ghosts escape from the Haunted Mansion.

In addition, there was also an in-park scavenger hunt for users. Once inside Disneyland, users were sent on a unique experience that could only be unlocked through the app. Furthermore, users of the app were also treated to a personalized ride on the Haunted Mansion.



The app was the backbone of the overall experience. The app used various technologies to help the user complete numerous tasks to move the story along. Some of the various interactions include a spectral radio, augmented reality image recognition, in-park Bluetooth beacons, and various others. 

Stylistically, since the app would be interacting with physical objects, we purposely went with a skeuomorphic design. We wanted users to fell like they were interacting with a historical piece of equipment on their phone.

Here are a couple of examples of users interacting with the app:
In-Home by Ghost Outpost
In-Park by Dizneyland Dude



The Ghost Relations Department did not have any previous branding, so I wanted to create a lock-up that could be used across different media. The monogram was created as an homage to the history of the mansion. It includes the Haunted Mansion typeface and is framed within the ghoulish arms styled from an early sign announcing the attraction.


The Ghost Relations Department (GRD) is a part of Disney that helps with the ghost-to-human affairs. We created the GRD website to introduce them to users who might not be familiar with who they are or what they do, but also to learn more about the Ghost Post and Phantom Radio experience. This was my initial concept that was not chosen.

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